Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tigers Fan Turned Southerner, or New State = New Team

The reason I haven't posted in a long time is I've been moving my family from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Rock Hill, South Carolina. It was a crazy move, a twelve-hour drive through the mountains, into a completely different climate. I packed an entire house into a single PODS unit, cancelling my second PODS and saving about $1500. Anyway, besides being a master of extreme Tetris, I'm now a southerner. The local team now, I guess, is those guys in Atlanta. So, I guess that makes me a Braves fan now?

Here's one of my favorite Braves cards in my collection that I've had for a while. The design is a bit lackluster--weird early 2000s digi-chic--but I love the jersey piece. It has some odd stitching showing through. I'm not sure what it is, but it's cool looking, and it's Maddux, The Professor, which is also my title now that I've moved down south, which is why I moved, for a really fantastic dream job.

But does that make me a Braves fan?

Hell no!

I'll still take an Inge auto over a sweet Maddux GU.

Or some Greenberg vintage, no matter how creased.

Even a Miggy jersey (thanks Adam over at Topps Baseball Fanatic) where he's wearing the wrong jersey, even when his giant contract swallowed his swing, I'm still always going to collect Tigers and be a Tigers fan. 

But I'm all settled and ready for a crazy new semester down south.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Trade Bait by Team: The Miscellaneous and The Teamless

OK, last one today in this long series of trade bait by team. I've posted my bait of every team, except for the Tigers (mine!) and the Braves (already scooped up by other great traders), and I have almost everything out there. 

But there's still more. Always more. So, we have the uncategorized, the unteamed, or the confusing. Like this Reggie: 

Ike Davis and Reggie showing college colors. And Angie Duke (poker player) from Ginter.

A bunch of Heritage Minors autos.

More minor league autos. Neshek's auto is so freaking neat.

And, finally, a slew of yet more minor league autos. That's a baby Byrd of the Marlon variety in the bottom right. 

If interested in any of these, let me know.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trade Bait by Team: Mets and Rays

This post will wrap up the trade bait by teams, but I have a bit more randomness soon.

Anyway, meet the Mets:

Lots of Robertos to be had, and a confused partly-Padres Piazza.

Next up, last up, the Rays:

Bunch o' autos, and now for the pants.

As usual, see anything you like, let me know.