Saturday, April 16, 2011

O No Another Trade Post

If no one's used this title yet, I feel clever, but I'm sure someone has because everyone wants to trade with Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog. He's a very generous trader and really pays attention to the old want lists.

Here's a few cards he sent:
I'm always up for trading for rookies. I know there's a lot of unappreciation of rookie cards out there, but I'm old school. Before jerseys and bat chunks and shoes stitchings and autos and stamps and  shinies and refractors, there were rookie cards, and it was good. Francouer and the Royals are having a surprsing start. Nice to pick up his 2002 Bowman RC. Prado 2005 Topps RC was also a nice get. And Peralta's RC was very needed, since he'll be sticking around Detroit for a while. We're glad to have you, Johnny.

Next, we have some great inserts of the Tigers of Olympus: 2011 60 Years of Topps Al Kaline and 2006 UD All-Time Legends Ty Cobb. Ryan sent this chrome-tacular Austin Jackson RC and also a non-featured Brennan Boesch 2010 Bowman RC. I don't remember when the Tigers last had so many exciting offensive youngsters. Austin is having a slump right now, but Boesch seems to have snapped his slump from the second half of last season.

Finally, now I can say I have some 2011 Topps Heritage. I love the Cabrera's Power card. I didn't post the others Ryan sent, because I'm already sick of looking at blogo-tized versions of these cards and I'm sure you are, as well. However, I'm very happy to own these cards, since I don't by any packs until they hit the clearance shelf.

Thanks, Ryan, for the sweet trade.

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  1. Pretty good but just wait till you see my upcoming post about what I got in the mail from him!!!