Monday, January 2, 2012

The Vealtones Jam out Some New Goals

I enjoyed reading all of your collecting goal posts yesterday, and it makes me want to join in the fun. I'm a day late for making resolutions, but oh well. Nothing special below, but it helps to write it down.

1. It's high time to finish off that 2007 Bowman Heritage set. I'm shooting for finishing the base set in 2012. It's only 29 cards away.

2. Keep adding on to the player collections. Also, I'd like to add a few new players. I've been collecting Kaline, but need to make a nice, neat list like I have for the others. I'll also try to add sweet Lou and a maybe one or two more.

3. Longer-term goals are to collect Tigers team sets of 1950-52 Bowman. I have a decent jump on this with a lot I recently picked up on eBay that I'll post soon. I also plan to post a vintage-for-vintage trade page listing the '50s vintage I have as bait for the vintage '50s I want. I hope that some of you will be down for some vintage trading.

4. Which leads me to another goal: more trading. Since starting the blog way back in 2011, I've been trading a ton more, but I want more trades. You guys send great stuff, and I find a lot of joy in pulling a card from a pack or quarter box that I know someone will need. Here's to many more trades soon.

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  1. I have a 61 coot card i would l8ike to ttm to him where did u send your card to get signed thanks much