Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can't Stop Collecting 2007 Bowman Heritage

In my continued quest to wrap up my 2007 Bowman Heritage set, (which is only a couple cards away, by the way, so help me out, if you have a way) I keep acquiring cards I don't really need from the hits of this set.

What's weird about the GUs is the middle names on the front of the card. Well, that and Swish's obscenely long locks and too perfectly groomed soul patch.

An auto of some guy I've never heard of. Is he still playing? A free agent, it seems, after a year in the minors for Boston. Maloney's chances are looking a little baloney. What I want to know is what's up with those dudes in the red back there.

Now this guy I remember rooting for. You have to love catchers, but Towles might be all fizzled out at this point, stuck in the minors. So much for this Sign of the Future.

And now we're back to another guy I've never heard of. Chorye Spoone has a cool name and a unique signature. Was the dot at the end really necessary, I wonder.

Even if they're a bunch of nobodies, this auto insert set is so well designed, like everything in 2007 BH. On card autos always rock. I'll pick them up wherever I see them when they only cost me a buck or so, as these did.

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  1. I got the Brad Lincoln auto awhile back along with two hits from other sets for $3 shipped total for all three. I really like the way those cards look.