Monday, June 22, 2015

Vintage Trade Bait

Leave a comment if you see anything you need, folks. Thanks.

Traded: Rhodes and Gorman

Traded: Lollar

Traded: DiMaggio

Traded: Lemon

Traded: A's Big Armor and Brother Battery

1947-1966 Exhibits: Earl Torgeson


  1. Damn, that's some nice trade bait! Please let me know what I can get you for that George Sisler.

  2. That is some incredible trade bait. I'd love to work out a deal for the 1959 Andy Pafko and the 1962 Warren Spahn All-Star. Let me know what you'd need.

  3. nice.

    wouldn't mind swapping for the
    Bowman Hartsfield
    68 ERA leaders
    68 Home Run Leaders
    and the 62 Spahn if you can't work out another deal with tony.

  4. The Aaron game card please. The captain beat me 2 the other cards I need.

  5. I mean, you just HAD to post vintage Dodgers right as we were about to wrap up our trade ;)

  6. I would love a shot at the Pirate vintage.

  7. Are there two of those '62 Batting Leaders? If so, I'm interested in one. Also the embossed Aspromonte, the 72 Astro rookies, and the Post Minoso.