Monday, July 11, 2011

Hambone, The Gerbil, and a Hank at the Flea Market

My wife and I took a drive to a flea market a few weeks ago. I didn't expect to find much in the way of cards. Usually, I encounter the kind of flea markets selling used table saws and broken crock pots. This flea market actually had two dealers selling cards. One of them, that I didn't make many purchases from, had a binder full of in-person autos of minor league players for a couple bucks a pop. No thanks. He also had about thirty CSAs from some football player, that were obviously heisted from the factory, as the numbers on the hologram sticker all went in a row. Again, that's a pass for me.

The other dealer had a nice dollar box, though, which I found a few things in.

I'm pretty sure I already have this card, but it's Hambone and it's from my favorite set and it's a short print. I'm not a big fan of SPs, and '07 Bowman Heritage had the ridiculous plan of paralleling their short prints. The SPs don't have the manu-signature, and I guess that makes them hard to identify. I've found quite a few of these in dime boxes. Besides the obvious reasons to pick up this card, it's simply another great example from this set. Something about Hammy's pose reeks of old-timeyness, but the tattoo sleeve gives it an odd anachronism. And the expression on Hambone's face is just so awkward: Is it surprise? Joy? Some bad shrimp?

I also snagged some vintage for a dollar:

A card of The Gerbil from 1963. Really, The Gerbil? How does one stumble upon such a nickname? Is it the cheeks? Perfect apple cheeks are hard to acquire. Just ask Orr. Catch 22, anyone?

And finally, my favorite flea market pick up:

This is my first 1956 Topps card, and I have to say this is a great looking set. That play at the plate in the background is fantastic. And though I'm far from a Yankees fan, I was happy to snag an all-star from this set. Never mind the rat bight in the lower lefthand corner. Or maybe it's a gerbil bight.

Here's the back, because vintage Topps backs are awesome:

Ouch, it looks like pitching was painful for cartoon Hank. No wonder hitting is more fun.

A pleasant surprise of dollar box goodness at the flea-fest.

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  1. Nice vintage play at the plate. I have a few of those from '56 and they are among my most favorite cards.