Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Old Guys Return

Like last year, my wife is taking me to a Tigers game for my birthday. Last year, we saw them lose to the Blue Jays. We also saw Magglio and Carlos Guillen both get injured in the same game--two trips to the DL that would last weeks for Magglio, and just now Carlos is coming back. It's been a year. Hard to believe. And I was thinking it was about time we gave up on the old guy. But he's batting pretty great so far, and it's nice to have solid, reliable defense at second again. Lordy knows we don't need Raburn there every day.

Hard to believe Guillen started in 1996 and is still going. It'll be good to see him play again tonight.

So, Carlos is back, Magglio is back, and I'll be back, too. The only thing different from last year is that I'll get to see the Tigers play the A's, and I'll see them win, and no one will get hurt--hope, hope, hopes. Oh, and I'll never be a twenty-something again, since I'm turning thirty. I guess everything is different. But can't beat a Tigers game on a sweltering July evening.

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