Friday, November 18, 2011

The Lost Collector's Finds

I'm behind in my trade posts, so this one is coming quite a while after my trade with The Lost Collector. I sent him a Wang rookie for his TTM auto project and some Yankees, and he sent over some Tigers and Ripkens and Pudges, oh my. A nice easy, trade. Here's some of what he sent:

I dig the '72 style Verlander, a Topps Wal-Mart exclusive, I believe. I've been getting less and less of Verlander's cards after the crazy season he had, and I'll probably get even less once he wins that MVP thing. Some great Pudge cards in full gear here. I especially enjoy the Topps card where he's slapping around the Stras.

My favorite card of the trade:

Bill Freehan from the 1968 Topps Game set. I love these cards, and this must have been a double from Lost Collector, since I think he was working on the set for a while. I need to track down the Kaline from this set.

A great trade that hit some player collection needs and included some vintage--something that's always fun to see in a trade, that musty old cardboard peeking out of the bubble mailer. Thanks, Lost Collector.


  1. I like the Verlander and especially the Freehan, which is on my want list--I'll be trying to pick that up at a show soon. Great pickups.