Monday, November 21, 2011

Pulling Some Relics from No Relics Pulled

I finally got a trade going with fellow Dustin over at No Relics Pulled. He sent a bunch of great stuff, and as the trade post goes, it's time for show and tell:

What a smile, Inge. He may not be the best third baseman out there, but just look at those pearly whites. Detroit wouldn't be the same without him.

And here's some Tigers of various sizes. Fitting that Verlander stands the tallest in this group. The Cabby card is one of those zebra-print minis. Is that what A & G was going for this year? Trying to bring the zebra-print back.

I'm not all that much of a Magglio collector, but this card is great. Has there been more luscious locks featured on a Ginter card than is here? Somebody, get that man a fan to whimsically blow those curls!

This is my second Kirk Gibson jersey card, and I dig it. Kirk has some serious neck veins going on here. I'm more of a Whitaker and Trammell guy when it comes to epic '80s and '90s Tigers, and their GU cards and autos are much harder to come by for some reason. But I'll never turn down a Gibson.

I've been getting a bunch of Cabrera cards in Marlins uniform lately. Sure, it's the wrong uniform, but a Miggy is a Miggy. Another great addition to the Cabrera player collection.

Thanks, Dustin, for the fantastic trade. It took us a while to get it going--silly things like grad school getting in the way--but it was well worth the wait.


  1. Glad you like 'em. I'll be picking up one more card to send you way at the next show I go to.