Friday, February 24, 2012

Argh! Check Out Me Pirate Treasure

I recently traded with Brian over at Pirates Treasure Room. And this trade was epic. It's one of those trades that take a long time to complete, and that only builds the tension for an epic transaction.

I'll only be able to include some of what he sent, and I really tried to edit myself so this post wouldn't go on forever. It was tough to do, though. I just had to keep scanning all of the glory.

We'll start off with the vintage. The constantly mustachioed Jack Morris makes a bottom-right-corner debut, and then there's good old Freehan showing off his catcher's mitt.

From some Tigers classics to the new kid, our new fifth starting pitcher in the rotation. We really need someone to fill this spot, and maybe Turner's the guy.

Brian sent along some always-appreciated Ripkens for the player collection. I'm surprised how well the hologram card scanned. It looks better in the scan than in person.

Some nice Cabby and Pudge cards for the collection. I'm a big fan of the Stadium Lights inserts, and this may be the sweetest card from that set. And a numbered floating heads card is always cool.

I'm surprised I didn't have this card where Verlander is securing his alibi with a newspaper. The bottom right card here is a genuine Verlander rookie from 2005. I always love picking up one of these.

Now we're onto the hits, and they were plentiful. I'm not a big fan of this GU set, but leave it to Verlander to make this set look awesome.

Speaking of Verlander and awesome, check this thing out. I don't collect Mags or Granderson all that much, but I love this card. Simply amazing, and the lowest numbered Verlander GU card I own. This is a new favorite of the collection.

Brian didn't mention he was sending any Pudge cards originally, so this is a bonus, and a helluva bonus at that. Pudge is looking extra puffy in his windbreaker.

Another sweet Pudge GU card here, featuring my favorite things: Pudge, catcher's gear, and a Tigers uniform.

Thanks, Brian, for the fantastic trade.

Be sure to check out Pirates Treasure Room to see the most amazing Pirates card collection in the blogosphere. 


  1. Wow, lots of really nice stuff there!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed everything. Sorry it took me awhile to ship and just as long to post a comment. LOL!