Saturday, February 4, 2012

Disco Zombie Version of Diamond Giveaway

I only got 6 codes from packs of Topps in 2011, and nothing at all good on the site. But then, last weekend, a bunch of code lots were selling on eBay. I watched a few going for crazy prices. But this one lonely lot of a dozen codes had no bids, with a starting price of 99 pennies. So I put in a bid for a few bucks, and much to my surprise, I won it for 99 pennies. Crazy, right?

The seller sent over the codes, LOL-ing about how I got a pretty good damn deal. Neither of us can figure out why it didn't get any bids. His listing looked good. He had a solid rating. Go figure.

Anyway, I went to put in my codes, and I won this:

A 1978 Bill Russell I already had. Odd, I thought to myself. Another code, and what do you know, another damn Russell flashing his crooked smile under curly locks. What the hell? me thinks. Well, as you may know, the Diamond site died last week. Oh, cruel fates. Just when I luck into some codes.

But they extended the deadline to the 7th, and yesterday, the site rose from its grave. I was wary, and put in my first code, worried about its pale skin, its moth-eaten teeth, what looked like a fleck of human flesh under its ring fingernail. I put in one of those already-used Russell codes, and, boom:

1965 Steve Barber spewed from its purple lips. That's real vintage, my first pre-1975 card from the Topps' sites ever.

I put in another code, and out drooled a 1970 Bruce Del Canton. Hey, still pretty vintagey. More codes, more moans of cards from the 1970s. And that's when I noticed zombie Diamond Giveaway's white bell bottom's, the gnarled plume of chest hair bursting from his shirt with the three first buttons undone. Just barely, if I listened close, I could hear him mumbling, Diii-scoooo Infernooooo. Disco Zombie Diamond Giveaway revealed himself. He was stuck on a long loop of cards from the '70s, and the whole dozen of my codes came out from this period, not counting the '65 card.

One of the better cards was this one:

Koosman himself is looking pretty zombified here, with his staring white eyes.

I still don't know if I'll be paying the shipping. I don't even know how much it costs. Regardless, it was worth a buck.

By the way, Topps has since found a cure for disco-zombie-itis, but for 15 glorious minutes, nothing but '70s.

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