Thursday, May 17, 2012

Card Show Vintage, in Descending Order of Size

Last post, I showed you the treasures I unearthed from the cheap-o boxes. This post, I'll go over the more expensive finds, which were, still, mostly in the discount boxes, and mostly all old and musty. Can't go wrong with vintage.

To start out, we have an over-sized 1956 card. I don't collect Nationals, nor does Eddie Yost have that much appeal to me, but if I ever find a good deal on 1956 Topps, I'm all over it. There's a play at the plate going on here, so that's cool. And Yost's signature is interesting, big and loopy.

Moving from an over-sized card to a 1975 mini, here's a new Kaline for the collection. I had the regular-sized card, and now I'm happy to add the mini.

I picked up one of these Gallaher tobacco cards before at a previous show, and I snagged another one from the same dealer this go-round. I dig the bright colors on these cards and the care given to the art. And the subject matter is sufficiently creepy to fit into my collection. I don't know what it is about "Bulldog Jack" but I'm slightly disturbed by his raised hands, his blank stare, and the dude next to him trying to pick his nose.

The back of these cards offer a little movie summary, which actually sounds a little interesting. I'm surprised of how nice the condition of these cards are, considering they came out in 1935.

Finally, we get to the smallest card from the show, a 1961 Yogi Berra stamp. It's pretty tore up on the back, but, hey, it's a stamp. And it's Yogi.

So that does it for this card show. Not too bad of irregularly-sized vintage finds.

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