Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trade Review: Refractor Alchemy, or Some Gems from The Diamond King

My first 1953 Bowman card comes from The Diamond King, and starts off my review of this awesome trade. I can't remember if I noted that I still didn't have a card from this set or if maybe Kevin's just pyshic, but I was really glad to pick up one of these, especially one so well-loved.

I took advantage of Kevin's refractor hunt and turned my rainbows into Ripkens, which I was glad to do.

And some of my refractors turned into shiny Pudges and Miggies.

He also sent along two much-needed Verlander rookies. The Turkey 2005 rookie was a card I'd been envying for a while. Love the background on this card.

These were perhaps the most exciting cards for me in the trade. I still didn't have a Clemens rookie, nor a first-year Zimmerman rookie. But I still can't believe he sent me a Hawk rookie.

Thanks for the great trade, Kevin. And if any of you out there have some nice refractors or cool Diamond Kings cards, send them to The Diamond King. We need to help him hit his refractor goals.

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