Monday, July 9, 2012

Contest Loot and Voting for Greg

Before I get into my winnings, I'd like to urge you all to go help out Greg over at Plashcke, Thy Sweater is Argyle win a Koufax auto. Greg is also offering a contest to those who vote for him, so let's help him win. Vote here.

As for me and the Vealtones, we're already winners, thanks to a lucky early half of the summer. We won not one, but two contests. First we nabbed all of the hits from the 2010 Upper Deck box break over at It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop:

A GU from Mr. Almost Perfect and Adrian Gonzo, plus a sweet-looking auto of Anibal. Thanks for the contest, Dan.
The other contest we won was a third-place finish from CaptKirk 42's Trading Card Blog. This was part of his Random Act of Cardness contest. And all I knew was that I was getting some cards of the team I collect, Tigers. The cards that arrived certainly didn’t feel like a third-place win.

Love those '72s, especially the leader cards.

More very cool vintage and a modern insert. I love all the Tigers scribbles on the '74 card, and that's an iconic Cash card I didn't have. So, is this feeling like a third-place prize yet? Already pretty top-notch, right? Well, this is just the start.

How about an on-card auto for a third-place win. Even if Perry hasn't lived up to his potential for the Tigers, this card is so cool.

And finally a very low-numbered Tigers card. This is now the lowest numbered card that I own. 4/5, that's crazy low, and certainly makes me feel like I won first place. Awesome bundle of cards. The Random Act of Cardness was a randomly kind surprise.
Thanks, guys, for the great winnings.


  1. Thank you for the pimp and support, I appreciate it!

  2. That 72 haller in action card is a dodger card, dammit!