Saturday, July 14, 2012

Once a Cub on a Sushi Platter in Order <--Franken-title Trade Post

It's time to catch up on some trades, three to be exact, from some great bloggers. First up, Spiegel over at Nomo's Sushi Platter sent me some cardboard.

A gaggle of Tigers, new and old, and a giant rookie cup Ripken. The O-Pee-Chee Whitaker was a new one for me, too, and a great action shot of Lighter-Than-Air-Lou.

Layer that with some Bowman gold, and some fine Topps Heritage. All Avila's red is making Miggy's floating head smile.

Here's the meat of our trade. I already had the Lineage mini of Austin's jersey, and this bat chunk makes a nice companion. I'm a big fan of Austin, and am still a bit irked that he got the all-star snub. Not to worry, though. Austin has many all-star games to play in his future.

The other trade comes from Tom at Angels in Order.

He sent over a ton of Ripkens for the player collection. Tons of gems and these are just a few. The phone card is especially fun.

And what goes better with a bunch of Ripkens than a bunch of Pudges? This really is only a small sampling of all the cards he sent. A very generous batch that added some weight to two of my favorite player collections.

Finally, I was strolling around the blogosphere and found a newer blog, Once a Cub, which has already become prolific. Matt was posting some pick-ups from this year's Topps rips. And I took the bait.

A manu-patch-stitches-sewing-project-type-thing of the original Pudge. This is a player collection of mine still in its infancy, and this is a great addition to it.

Topps has really gone nutty in the last few years for their manu-cards, and I dig the creativity. Well, really, I could give a crap unless it's of a player I collect. This Retired Number card is sweet, because it's Rip.

Thanks for the great trades, guys. Readers, be sure to check out these blogs and see if you have some cards they want. All excellent traders.

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