Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Acquiring Iconic Rookies: Vida Blue

When it comes to cool baseball names, you can't really beat Vida Blue. And when it comes to epic single seasons, it's tough to beat Vida's 1971 season when he won both the Cy Young award and MVP, just like a certain favorite Tigers pitcher of mine. 

Vida had some tough years with screwy Athletics management, and then, of course, that little run-in with nose skiing. Ah, for the days when our baseball players were just sniffing their not-so PEDs. 

But Vida looks so hopeful in his split-card head-shot, and he should be. Heck, Gene Tenace even has a respectable 15-year career on his horizon.

I acquired this card at a show for 50 cents. That's a no-brainer purchase, in my book, for an amazing pitcher who deserved at least a few more Hall of Fame votes than he got. He probably marks the beginnings of the BBWAA's prejudice against any kind of drug use. I have my own opinions on this bias, what I think is somewhat of an absurdity in a very imperfect world. Whatever your opinion, Vida's rookie is an iconic must for any cardboard collection.


  1. Awesome card, and just $0.50! This is exactly the kind of vintage multiplayer RC I love picking up, especially for the price, so I'm gonna have to see if I can't find one for myself. Nice pickup!

  2. That's like a tenth what that card should be worth. Steal-o-rama.

  3. Great card, I am a huge Vida fan and it is good to see him get some blogger love.

  4. Wow. 50¢? I'll double your money right now and give you a buck for that card ;-)

  5. AMAZING "iconic" pick-up! Job well done, sir!

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