Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pudge Glove or How I Revived the Blog

I haven't posted in--oh my go-arsh--five months. I've been crazy busy, as we all are. So that's no excuse. I'm never less busy, really.

And I'm just not sure how to get back into this thing, how to re-enter my beloved baseball card blogging world. I've missed you guys, missed sharing cards and comments and all that business.

So I'll just post a sweet pick-up.

I'd been admiring this card for a long time, probably about half a year, and I finally pulled the trigger to get a batting glove. You have to be careful with these type of GUs, and this one is really perfect with the cuts and colors.

So, the moral here: when the time feels right, just pull the trigger. Get the card you've been longing for. Jump back into the blogosphere unceremoniously. 

Hi there.


  1. I have one of those. It's got the holes in it too so it probably came from a spot close to yours. Nice pick up and welcome back!!!

  2. Welcome back, stranger. Been too long without you.