Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trade Bait by Team: Orioles

I'd like to get back into trading this summer, now that I have some time, and because I'm moving and would like to lighten the load of cardboard I'll be trucking across state borders. That's right, I'm abandoning my lovely little mitten for warmer climates. More about that later.

For now, I'm going to start posting trade bait by teams. I've scanned a bunch of "hits" by team, and I'll post them in the next couple of weeks. For some teams, I have a ton. Others, very little, thanks to healthy trading relationships. 

On with the show, how about Orioles, which I have a lot of.

How did I end up with so many Murrays?

And one more. It's a doozy. 

Literally, this Palmer patch is giant. I put in that chunky-yet-regular-sized Brooks card for comparison. 

Interested in any of these, let me know. My player collections and other want lists are above. 

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