Friday, October 5, 2012

Cabrera's Triple Crown: Farewell to My Miggy Steals

Mr. Cabrera is forcing me out of my mini-hiatus. The Vealtones must congratulate Miggy on his triple crown.

To celebrate, here's a recent eBay purchase for the player collection. A great-looking card of Miggy wearing the wrong uniform. But that's a magical piece of bat there.

That's a little better with Miggy in his proper, current uniform Both of these cards cost me around two bucks a piece. And it just goes to show how undervalued Miguel has been to collectors for a long time. This is no breaking news. Many have discussed this before. Now I fear I won't be nabbing such great deals anymore.

Like this rookie card I got for under three bucks shipped. Try finding a deal like that now.

And here's the lowest numberd Miggy card in my collection 5/10. It's from the most ridiculously redundant set Topps ever made, the set that killed the coolness of getting a numbered card. I got this card, along with the Sheffield for one dollar shipped. (Any one need the Sheffield?)

So maybe the days of great deals on cool Cabrera cards are done for a while. I had to ease off on collecting Verlander last year for obviously similar reasons. I still need a Miggy auto for my collection, and I might be waiting a while for that now. If anyone has one to trade, I'll send you a brick of cards.

But I really could care less about the impending cardboard Miggy gouging. I'm just so thrilled that my guy won the triple crown, made such history. He's such an exciting player to watch and treats his fans so well. He's earned his day in the sun. Really, he's been earning it for the last ten years. And if he doesn't get MVP this year, then there's something seriously wrong with those voters.

Can anyone ever be upset when a player they love and collect becomes expensive to collect for these kind of reasons?

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