Friday, October 12, 2012

Verlander's Secret to Winning: Fastball Flakes

Verlander pitched a beauty last night against the A's, and we're onto to the next round of the playoffs. What Tigers fan isn't completely thrilled right now? But how did Mr.Verlander pull of yet another amazing post-season complete game shut-out win?

The answer is flaky and made of lightly frosted whole wheat.

Justin's loading up on these bad boys, Fastball Flakes, or as we call them around my house, Verlander Flakes. I'm not sure if others in the country are seeing these. I'm guessing not. In Michigan, at our Meijer stores--which is the Midwestern Wal-Mart, but better--they've been hawking these boxes all season. And they're so cool. Foolishly, though, I snagged a box when they were $3.99 and now they're clearanced at $1.99. Pretty great piece of Verlander ephemera. I love the design of these, the signature, the pic of Verlander, how he looks like he might take a chomp of flakes out of that gigantic spoon.

Here's the back of the box. Verlander's looking quite intense as he secretly munches some flakes behind his glove. And an offer for a T-shirt I won't be ordering; I guess they were too cheap to pay to put Verlander's name on the shirt, but, hey, Fastball Flakes, yo!

So, have other Verlander collectors out there seen these boxes? If so, better nab them up so you, too, can have Fastball Flakes power.


  1. I haven't seen any of these here in Richmond where he's from. I'm sure they'd just get stale on the shelves since he's such an a-hole to his hometown fans. He won't even show up at the local schools to talk to kids because he's "too busy" in the offseason.

  2. Haha, I've seen these plenty since I pass by them almost every time I go to Meijer. I love that he got his own cereal, but I've passed them up since I can't eat them and I've got enough sports Wheaties cereal boxes I'm not even displaying!