Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Cards from Fuji and Baseball Dad

I'm a lucky guy, and perpetually behind. Lucky because I've traded with some very generous fellas from the blogosphere, and behind because these trades are from months ago.

Like this trade from the famous Chronicles of Fuji:

This was the centerpiece of our trade, and it becomes a centerpiece of the Pudge collection. Guillen and Sheffield (wearing the wrong jersey) are Pudge's backup for his barbershop trio. So, yeah, this card is cool, but it's also a 1 of 1. Check the bottom corner. 75/75 equals 1/1, on eBay anyway.

This trade got bigger and smaller. Fuji sent an over-sized Ripken and some mini Ripkens. I love how these look next to each other.

And big and small Team Lou-Tramm. I have no idea how to store these giant cards, but they're awesome.

Thanks, Fuji.
You have the coolest damn calling card in the biz. 

Another iconic blogger I recently traded with was everyone's favorite paternal blogger, Baseball Dad.

Hey, it's another over-sized card! I really know nothing about what this is or where it came from or, again, how to store it, but it's cool.

I was probably most excited about getting a few more cards for the only set I'm working on. These were much needed, and it had been a long while since anyone had knocked a few needs off the 2007 Bowman Heritage want list.

What would a trade be without a few sweet Ripkens?

Baseball Dad also sent some great Pudges and Cabreras and other nice random extras. I love this '80s Fleet Whitaker, and those Ripken Holiday Inn cards are always great for a laugh.

Finally, I got this sweet pack of cards in the trade. I'd never seen these before, besides in other trades from Baseball Dad. This was a pretty great pack with an insert and some stars. 

So, thanks, Baseball Dad and Fuji, for the great trades. I hope we can get some more trading going on in the future.


  1. Glad you liked the cards !

    The oversized card, 2009 Enter Play Fan Pack, is an odd size and hard to store.

    You can read about them here :