Saturday, February 2, 2013

Card Show-off: 5 for 10 Pudge Splinters

I'm wrapping up showing off my most recent card show today, which started in the last post. I did the dime boxes last time, and today will be the big-time hits. Hits for me are dollar box cards. I know, it's pretty sad how cheap I am, but finding the bargain is the thrill of the show for me. 

And I found some real bargains. I also broke the bank. This card came out of a 5 for $10 box that was full of great GUs. $2 per card is high-rolling. This was one of my favorites to add to the Pudge collection. It's the first card I own with these two amazing catchers both featured. The slices of bat have a lot of personality. I dig the design of this card.

Another awesome $2 Pudge bat cards with a bunch of other great catchers from the '90s. I find these cards a little boring. For some reason, the more relics and players with threadbare connections you put on a card the less exciting they become. Still, a great card for the collection at this price.

And, of course I was excited to snag up this card from my favorite modern set: 2007 Bowman Heritage, which I'm only a few cards from finishing. (Ahem, want list plug.)

But then there were no more Pudges, and I still had two cards to finish off my $10. So...

One good Pudge deserves another. It's Pudge the first! Fisk is a player collection I've been working on a bit more informally. I'm always happy to add his cards.

Here was my last card of the deal, which I tossed in last-minute. I don't necessarily collect Juan Marichal, but I thought this was a cool card, and I love the old school jersey swatch. It's a card I picked up thinking maybe another blogger would want it and trade me something cool for it, but it's also the kind of card I wouldn't mind incorporating into the Vealtones. I'd certainly listen to offers for it.

That does it for this card show. I have another one still to post. And next weekend is my favorite yearly card show right in my very own town. However, I might have something even cooler to do on that day. Mystery...


  1. I love relics with old sweater swatches. Seem so much more believable than today's mystery memorabilia.

  2. If we get another trade going I would love the Marichal. If I were you I'd keep it though.