Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Card Show-Off: Dime Boxes: I've Got a Golden Ripken!

Yesterday, the blog hit 100 followers, and I'm thrilled. Thanks, everyone, for reading. The final push past 100 might have something to do with my contest, which you should enter if you haven't and you like vintage cardboard. If you don't like vintage, well, that just makes me a little sad.

Following up on yesterday's post, it's time to show you what else I got at the Holland, Michigan card show. As I said yesterday, those Dutch are known to be famous for their wooden shoes and windmills and silly hats, but are secretly also known for their great deals on vintage AND their wonderful dime boxes.

This one actually came out of a 3/$1 box. And it's a very intriguing addition to my Ripken collection. I have no idea what this card is, but it's made of metal, probably pure gold. It looks a little like the early '90s Bleachers cards, but I'm not too sure.

And the back doesn't help much. It does appear to be numbered out of 10000, and is this Japanese writing? Whatever this is, I'd have to say this is one of the most oddball finds out of the bargain boxes.

One whacky oddball calls for another. Check out the Bo Jackson card I snagged from the dime box. What was he thinking to have posed for this shot? The '90s were full of bad choices for all of us. Flanking Bo's big mistake, we have a great Rollie card and those 3000 Club Fleer inserts I'm a big fan of. They're thick as a game-used card and cut really cool.

A few more unidentifiable Nolan oddballs, and a 1990 Leaf, all a dime a piece. 

Here are my dime box Ripkens. I was excited to pick up the 2001 Topps Traded reprint, which cost a bit more; it's probably the closest I'll ever come to the white whale that is Ripken's best rookie.

And this 1995 Topps Traded Mariano Rivera is probably the closest I'll ever come to his white whale rookie. A great find for a dime. As is the Wally auto. I have no idea if it's real, but it's worth a gamble for a dime. 

Lots of Topps Gold, which actually came out of a nickel box, and will one day become trade package extras.

A dime box auto, a nickel box Romero rookie, and that Paulk is numbered to 50, so who cares that I have no idea who he is! The Mantle has felt and the Jackie is Chromed out. This grouping defines the hodge-podge that is the joy of the dime box.

Love those tobacco and Goudey reprints.

Though I don't find them often, Sparky and Tigers team cards are always a great dime box find. I'm pretty sure these team cards were a bit pricier, but such is Michigan. If you trade with me, Sparky and Tigers teams are always welcome adds to a trade package.

This was not a dime box find, nor was it five dollars. You can't get much cooler when it comes to a well-designed GU card than this one: numbered, baby blue, Mr. Gwynn, pinstripe. Perfect.

That wraps up this show. I'm headed to my first card show of 2013 this weekend, so wish me luck. I hope I get some finds as sweet as the Dutch gave me. Don't forget to enter my contest!


  1. What a great, oddball gold Ripken. Love the Gwynn pinstripe and that Rollie (I have one too!).

  2. Dude, where is this dime box of yours? That Gold Ripken is a killer!!! As is the Emotion promo.

    Amazing haul.

  3. I always seem to get jealous after reading your dime box posts. This one continued the trend.

    Although I'm not a big Ripken collector, I definitely would've gobbled up that gold-played one at 3/$1. What an awesome card!

    Topps Gold for a nickel? Can't beat that. I enjoy those "Club 3000" inserts and the old tobacco reprints, too. And I really like that Fleer Showcase Sparky Anderson.

    Terrific finds!

  4. Great dime box finds... especially the gold Ripken.