Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Mechanical Man Manupatched

I started collecting Al Kaline seriously a little over one year ago. I love looking into my favorite team's history, and player collecting legends like Kaline allows me to do that. Lately, I've been looking back even farther. 

Charlie Gehringer, the Mechanical Man, is a player I've been chasing. This is my favorite Gehringer card I own. It's a manupatch from 2004 Sweet Spot Classic. A very cool card and a classy design with lots of foil. I only wish Charlie's picture was a little bigger.

I kind of love the back, too, how it congratulates you for scoring a "souvenir logo" the same as if you got a piece of game-used or an auto. Really, there's probably more honesty in this congratulations. We all know about those sketchy scraps of possibly-Mechanical-Man-used pants.

All the same, I'd love to snag a Gehringer GU, and I'd absolutely love to get one of his autos, which always oddly say "Chas." Or an original vintage card. But Mr. Gehringer's cards are not plentiful, and they're sure as hell not cheap. If any one ever runs into any of his cards, I'd trade you heavily for one.

Here's to the Mechanical Man, part of the Tigers best years in history, Mr. Consistency, some of the best stats you'll see for any second basemen ever.

I'll be posting about his teammate, another new player I've been collecting, very soon.

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  1. Very nice! Those Sweet Spot manupatches look great.