Friday, March 11, 2011

Buster Posey Slumming It in the Dime Box

Dime box time again. Time to share some treasures mined from the abyss of junk.

This was right at the front of a dime box from the most recent show I went to. I'll pick up a Posey rookie for a dime any day. I found a 2010 Bowman Posey in a dime box a few months ago, before he was named ROY and won the world series, but I was even more suprised to find his rookie cards there now, relegated to the dime box: the graveyard of ruined rookie cards, haunted by the likes of Ben Grieve and Travis Lee.

Out of the same dime box, I found my first super futuristic Topps insert. I'm not a huge fan of this insert, though it seems others have liked it. It just kind of reminds me of Sportflics. But, it's Posey. And I have to admit I do like the card stock and the rounded corners creating immunity to the dinged disease. No more dinged corners in the year 3000!

Also from the same dime box, an Andy Ashby 2003 Topps black parallel. I'll pick up anything numbered from a dime box. And I know lots of Dodgers collectors. Someone will enjoy this card. I didn't realize until I got home how low numbered this card is.

Wow. That's a low number for the dime box. Let me know if you want to give Raggedy Andy here a good home.

Here's a rookie I've been wanting to add to my collection for a while now. Another surprise to find this card in a dime box. I've never even seen this card in a dollar box, and Ebay never sells this for less than a couple bucks. There were four of these cards in this dime box, and I happily snatched them all. I'm really torn about Morneau. I like him and want him to bounce back from his injuries, but, I'm a Tigers fan, so the devil on my shoulder hopes Morneau won't be able to help one of our biggest threats.


  1. I'd happily trade for one of those Morneaus!

    My trade list (which includes a link to my want list, if we want to make the trade bigger) is here:

    If the Posey 2020 insert's available, I'd be up for that too, but I'm thinking you're hanging onto that one.

  2. I'd be more than happy to acquire the Ashby.

    You almost faked me out, showing all those Poseys first. I almost didn't even click on the post!

  3. Nice card for a dime box. I makes you wonder what other people are looking for when they pass these up!