Friday, March 25, 2011

Rookies from the Quarter Box

It's the dimebox's more sophisticated big sister, who graduated magna cum laude with a philosophy degree while dimebox was out partying: the quarter box.

Often I find the quarter box's cards to be stashed into a penny sleeve, which makes me feel classier. But the problem is handling a big stack o' cards in sleeves is slippery. I've had my hand full slip and scatter more than a few times. And then I just feel like a jerk.

Well, beyond my coin box warnings, I do have some actual cards to show.
Not just any Jay Bruce rookie, but a genuine 2005 Topps Update. He had some steady improvement in 2010, and is looking decent this spring training. Good luck in 2011, Bruuuuuuuce.
An even better rookie from this set: The Hebrew Hammer.
I'm glad I found this Pedro rookie, since I bought a complete set of 1991 Final Edition for a dollar, only to find this card cherry-picked out. So, will he get another shot this year? I hope someone will take a shot. I guess he's doing an interview about playing again on MLB Network soon.
My only Maddux rookie from 1987 Donruss Rookies. You gotta love the grease-stash here. Luckily, he pitched better than he grew lip hair.

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