Friday, March 18, 2011

Plucking a Hit from the Dollar Tree

We all know about the joy of the Dollar Tree and its discount cardboard temptations. Could any of us walk by a cluster of gravity feed box without craning our necks? Now, often these packs are the disappointing leftovers of retail, but every now and then you have a little luck. And, hey, good pack or junk, you can't go wrong when it's just a dollar.

Here's a pack of 2008 Timeline I picked up.

No too bad for base cards, with Howard and Pujols showing up. I've always liked this set. It's simple, and I dig all the retro Upper Deck designs, even though they don't make an appearance here.
This is the one part of the set I don't get. I suppose these are supposed to look vintage, but, aside from the decapitated Utley head popping out of the corner, black and white alone does not a classic design make.

So, I wouldn't even be showing the pack if not for this card.
I was surprised to find a hit in a dollar store pack. Granted, Jeff Keppinger isn't the best player to find, but it's an auto and it cost a dollar. What a value!

Let me know if any of you have something to trade for this card. I'd love to replace Keppinger for a PC or Tigers relic or auto.

I love how many packs are showing up at the Dollar Tree. It allows me to check out more sets. And I have this theory that affordable cards might actually get kids interested in trading again. Yeah right. They have those Chinpokomon-type cards, too. How can we compete with Shoe?


  1. Nice hit for a Dollar Tree pack!

    The Utley is borrowing from a set called Upper Deck All-Time Heroes from 1994.

  2. I got an auto at Dollar Tree in a pack of Upper Deck X.

    I bet Nachos Grande would take that card off your hands.