Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Bowman Pack Breaks: Did I Get a Harper?

I ended up with a nice rack pack of 2011 Bowman after winning Play at the Plate's July contest, and I didn't think I'd be opening anymore of these packs until they hit the clearance racks in three years, when Bryce Harper quits his baseball career to be on Jersey Shore. I ended up getting two retail packs for my birthday. Here's what was inside the first pack:

I realize everyone else is onto their A&G at this point and every one's already talked about Bowman. Here I am with my old news, flashing some boring base. But I can't help but compliment the design. I've heard many mention the resemblance to the 1955 Bowman TV set, and I personally dig that. At least it's not just boring black frames. The horizontal cards especially look great, granted Bowman seems to have a thing for the behind-the-catcher mid-swing shot. With good reason, that's a cool shot. Hudson, on the other hand, seems to have fallen and can't get up.

Not much to see here. More base, less interesting in verticalness.

Some prospects who aren't that Harper fella. Hinze seems to be moving through the A ranks quickly, batting well over .300.

Here's the rest of pack one. Again, I'm not a big fan of the Bowman's Best inserts, but I like this one of Hey Zeus in catcher gear, singing our national anthem.

On to pack two:

More base of big dudes running/beginning to run.

I got to see Yonder play while I was in Kentucky, so it was cool to pull his rookie. But I'm extra excited about Kevin Mailloux, the spokesman for French heart burn relief.

A King Felix base and another non-Harper.

More prospects that don't have Bryce for a first name. What the hell, guys? You're never gonna make it out there with non-Bryce names like those.

Here's my one-per-pack gold.

And here...

is my Harper. Not only is it Bryce Harper, but it's Bryce Harper with a map behind him. He's all international-style. I'm psyched about this card, but only because it's already listed on my ebay account for sale. I'm not a collector who's trying to profit off collecting. However, in this case, I'm very much looking forward to selling this card off while the Harper fad is hot, and then I'll get some stuff that I'm really excited about. Harper shall magically turn into some vintage Bowman and some Pudge pants swatches and maybe even a little Ripken mojo. Who knows? That's the only reason I like this guy, who seems to be a complete showboat and idiot from everything I've heard. I really could care less if he has a hall of fame career and this card winds up being worth fifty thousand dollars and eighty-three cents. Yeah right. This is the peak of how much it will be worth, and I'm happily cashing in.

When it sells, I'll be sure to post what I turned my Harper into. Oh, and if anyone needs any of the other cards I pulled, let me know and we'll get a trade going.

Who else has sold their Bryce Harpers so far? How well did you do? Is anyone holding onto his cards?


  1. I couldn't even sell Chrome Prospect Harper card for $10 on eBay. Nobody at the show I went to was interested in giving me more than $5 for it either. Good luck with the auction!

  2. Wow, I'm surprised you couldn't get more than $10 for it. It appears that International Harpers are selling for $30-$40 on ebay. I hope I didn't miss the wave of crazy.