Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Card Show: Vintage Scrounging

I spent a lot of time digging through the cheap boxes at the card show, which I posted about yesterday. I found myself having little interest in the game-used and auto singles for sale. Most of the players I collect are over-priced in Michigan, so I count on trades and eBay for those. When it comes to actually spending a few bucks on a single card, I'm often uninterested at shows, even good ones.

But then there's always vintage. And I found a dealer with the best prices of the day, selling cards at ten percent of BV. I was happy to indulge. I can't turn down vintage at those prices.

Wertz was my first vintage Bowman purchase when I got back into collecting. I picked up his 1951 card, which is still one of my favorite cards. I like Vic, even if he's not in Tiger uniform. And 1954 isn't my favorite vintage Bowman set, but this is one of my favorite players from this era. By the way, if anyone has a 1950 Bowman Wertz for trade, I'll find some good stuff for you.

I didn't pick up this card at the show, but I'm feeling nostalgic, so here's another look at that sweet 1951 Wertz:

That's one hell of a card.

Back to the show:

I can't pass up a Granny on my woodgrain TV. One of my favorite names in baseball here, and a great looking card. This one was two bucks, I think, and well worth it for a vintage all-star. The corners are a little rough, but the centering is nice.

This is actually my first 1955 Topps card. Sure, Jack Parks never made it to the majors, but he got a nice card. I couldn't be happier to add this oddball player to my collection, even if it's the only card I ever pick up from this set. Parks is in full catcher gear--my favorite pose on a vintage card.

That does it for this batch. I'll show the rest of the vintage I snagged in the next post.

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