Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Card Show: Vintage Scrounging, Part Two

I spent a good part of my time going through one dealer's vintage table at the last card show I attended. I posted a few of my key pick-ups yesterday. Today, here's the rest of it. Lots of far-from-mint cards, but still vintage and still cooler than most modern cards.

A 1959 Coot Veal was the first vintage card I ever added to my collection, so I have a soft spot in my collecting heart for this set. For 90 percent off BV, I picked up some all-stars and some catchers. I was looking up player stats, which is always something fun to do with vintage, and was a bit surprised Wally Post never went to an all-star game when he had some really fantastic seasons in the mid '50s. In 1955 he hit 40 home runs, 109 RBIs, and had 186 hits with a .309 average. Of course, he also struck out like a mofo, with 102 in '55 and 124 in '56.

So does anyone know why some '59 card backs are green and some beige-ish? Different series? A serious mystery indeed.

The Carl Furillo card in the top left corner is in horrendous condition, but I think it was a quarter. I'm not a huge fan of this set, but I love the World Series subset. The actions shots are great and the photos are grainy in a way that makes them look even older. The others are in pretty nice shape.

Here we have Mr. World-Series-Perfect-Game Don Larsen. The bright orange background must have tricked some disappointed mouse into thinking it was a piece of cheddar cheese. However, apparently these mice don't like bright yellow cheese, because Jerry Lynch is safe.

Here's the last '58 card I picked up and my favorite of this bunch. Like 1960 Topps, I'm not much of an appreciator of this design. Sometimes the big bright background colors works, but most of the time they just hurt my eyes and make me want to bite them. But Vic's blue background soothes me, along with his intense batter's stare.

The dealer gave me the Bob Schmidt card as a freebie for picking up the others. I had a few to choose from, and of course I chose this one because of the cool old catcher's gear. Bill Taylor never did much in the majors, but he got a free ride into my collection just for wearing a Tigers cap.

That's it for the card show, or at least all that's really worth showing. Let me know if you're interested in any of these. All but a few are up for trade.

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  1. Funny, I just did a post of old Cubs manager Jim Marshall on my '75 blog and wondered to myself if there were any cards of him as a player. Turns out you've got one!