Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trade Post: I Took the Shot Not Taken

I was wasting away a listless 2:00 AM hour by looking over some fellow bloggers trade bait pages. The problem with this frequent activity is that I try to compile all the trades I want in my head, and then once I get to pulling cards and sending trade requests I forget everything. Well, that was not the case when I saw the clean, organized "for trade" page at Shot Not Taken. Plus, he had two cards I really wanted.

The trade went smashingly smooth, and now I'm the owner of this:

I prefer to see Miggy in a Tigers uniform, but I'm happy to add his Marlins cards to the player collection, too. I always like a piece of black jersey, rather than a gray or white one. There's just something cooler about black, and this card has black all over it. It's a simple design with nice solid-color framing and a pic of Miggy giving the peace sign after knocking in a home run.

Here's the other card I got from the trade:

This is the card I was really excited to pick up from the trade. It's pretty much a perfect card for my Pudge collection. Swatch of jersey, full catcher get-up, Tigers uniform, and the old-timey theme of this set just tops off a great card.

It was great to do a simple trade for two cards I really wanted. Now, go over to Shot Not Taken and make Ray an offer. You won't be disappointed.

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