Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trade Time: BA Benny Never Disappoints

I'd recently finished my first trade with BA Benny, when he commented on some of my trade bait, and, thus, another great trade was born. I thought he would have been tapped out of cards off my want lists after our last trade, but he had more to send.

First off, some 2007 Bowman Heritage cards off my set want lists:

No signatures here, which makes them short prints. For a while I was considering just finishing the set without these, but with BA Benny's help, I'm one step closer to finishing the whole set including the short prints.

Next up, he sent these:

I'm always happy to add another Inge rookie to the collection, and I didn't have this Don Kelly rookie. Leyland said a few nights ago that Donnie will never win a batting title, never win a gold glove (ouch), but he's a crucial part of the success of the Tigers. He's been great this year. And some nice shiny Miggy cards here for the player collection.

The hits:

In our last trade, he sent me some Bonderman game-used cards and now here are more. Where the hell did he get all these Bondermans? Jeremy hasn't pitched this season, since the Tigers decided to take a different direction with their pitching staff. And now that they've added Fister I couldn't be happier with how strong our rotation looks. Still, I hope Bonderman gets picked up next year. I couldn't believe no one picked him up as a free agent. Even if Bonderman is taking up quilting and taxidermy hobbies while watching the Tigers on TV this year, I'm still glad to pick up a few more of his cards.

The best part of our trade was this card:

A great-looking game-used card, because it's Pudge's game-used swatch. The expression on his face is priceless. He looks disappointed or maybe concerned. It's a face made just after a long fly hit at the foul pole. Upon which side will the ball plunk?

Thanks for another great trade, man. Check out BA Benny's blog and send him some Mets or American flags. We miss your posts, man, and hope to see you writing again soon.

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  1. Dude, I was going to include the exact same Bondo in my package. I'll have to dig something else out for ya now haha.