Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ripping 2001 Bowman Heritage

While waiting to pick my little sister up at the airport on her trip home from Texas, I stopped into a card shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan that I'd never been to. I picked up a few things, but right away I noticed packs of 2001 Bowman Heritage for sale in a case. I'd never opened any of these and never thought I'd have a chance, since I've never seen a pack selling for under $10. These packs, however, were going for $5.99. I couldn't believe that, and had to take a gamble at finding a Pujols. There were only two packs left in the box, and I'll show the full glory of what I got.

Andres Galarraga

Kazuhiro Sasaki short print

Tony Blanco

Kenny Lofton and A.J. Burnett

David Justice

Brian Giles, Ramon Hernandez, and Jim Edmonds

And lastly, Albert Pujols! Oops, I mean Erik Karros.

So not much going on in this pack, besides buyer's remorse and boredom. It was exciting to rip open this pack, but as soon as that slot machine quits spinning and ringing, the ride is over. I guess I pulled an SP and I do like that Ramon Hernandez card. Hey, maybe Cards on Cards needs that Jim Edmonds. Otherwise, no Pujols, but at least I got to rip this product for a pretty good price.

Here's something else I picked up at this card shop that makes me feel a little better. A little corner of Kaline:

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