Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jeter Hit

I saved the best for last in my posting of birthday loot.

This was part of a birthday present to myself. I picked up a few packs at the local card shop from my hometown, Cardboard Addiction in Alma, Michigan. I've been surprised through the years to see a card shop has lasted pretty much my whole collecting lifetime, from age ten to thirty. The singles there are overpriced, and I wouldn't buy any new packs there, but they have a great box of discounted packs starting at a dollar and going up to four bucks.

One of the packs I picked up was 2003 Fleer Mystique, and this was inside:

Not too bad for a pack that cost $1.50. I've always liked Jeter, even if I'm on the bandwagon with all of the other Yankees haters out there in the blogosphere. And I like Soriano, though he probably makes the card less desirable. The Jeter jersey swatch is fantastic with the pinstripe showing, instead of pushed into the corner. What I don't quite understand is the name of this set: Awe Pairs. It just sounds stupid. I mean, I'd get awe-inspiring pairs, maybe. But this name sounds to me like, Ah, shucks, pairs.

Here's the back:

Pretty low numbering: 34/100, which is the lowest numbering I've ever scored on a GU card. Toss in the fact that the card features Mr. Jeter, and this is a pretty sweet hit.

I'm not sure what to do with it. I might keep it for my collection. I might sell it on the big ol' bay and turn it into a few sweet cards for my PC. I might be convinced to trade it, but it would take a pretty killer offer.

What to do, what to do? Anyway I go with this, I can't beat finding this in a pack. Well, unless we're talking Babe's black bat.


  1. Sweet card! Great pull for a buck fifty!

  2. It's a Jeter. I'd trade/sell that thing. You have almost a 100 percent chance of landing something in your favor.

  3. Not a bad pull for a $1.50 but sell the thing for something you really want.