Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey-Veal Trade Thanks Part Two: Too Many High-Fives

Here at the Vealtones, we've eaten multiple turkey dinners. Our guts are bulging, our buttons popped, our leftover turkey sandwiches gluttonously devoured. Yet we haven't had our fill of thanking bloggers for their awesome traders. Thanksgiving is over, but the thanking goes on, starting off with Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders.

Speaking of Verlanders, here are a few nice ones from Dennis' stash.

Too many Cabreras.

Too many more Cabreras and a few too many Pudges.

A few more golden Pudges and a very cool '64 Freehan I didn't have. This may be Freehan's coolest looking vintage card.

So, just when you think we're winding down with the too-manys...

It's too many Ripkens!

Far too many Ripkens! Dennis and I both collect Ripken, and we did a doubles swap. He had lots of cool stuff to send. This bottom row of horizontal cards were some of the coolest.

And this was the weirdest Ripken of the bunch, a PowerDeck card. I'd never seen one of these, and they're kind of neat, in a relic-of-outdated-tech kind of way. I tried to play this on my laptop, but I had to download some crap so I was done. I will simply enjoy Ripken's image on a hung of plastic with a hole in it.

And this is my favorite card of the trade. I love this set, the way they die-cut the 3000. Very glad to add this card to the player collection.

Thanks, Dennis, for a great trade. Be sure to check out Too Many Verlanders for great writing about the Tigers and Michigan athletes and lots of other witty stuff.

Another smaller, but no less great trade comes from Justin's World. The High-Five Man was interested in a card off my trade bait, and he found a mighty fine Pudge I needed:

I dig the design of this card, and the relaxed tone of this image. Pudge looks so like he's in his last year of pro-ball, ready for retirement, just having fun hanging out and wearing sweet shades.

Justin sent some other goodies, too.

A very nice bit of vintage Cobb, some sweet Pudges, and another Bonderman GU. I have a bunch of Bonderman GUs that have just kind of accidentally fallen into my collection. It looks like  he's probably going to be pitching for the Tigers next year, which I'm glad to hear. Now I'll appreciate that Bonderman jersey I've been getting close to piecing together.

Thanks, Justin, for the great trade, and for your work at Justin's World.

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  1. I must look for that Freehan at the show next month! My mom had one class with him at the University of Michigan. I don't believe she ever talked to him though.