Sunday, December 9, 2012

Card Show-off: Sweet, Sweet Dime Boxes

I just attended a card show last weekend, but I won't post about it here, as I am backlogged with not one, but two card shows I still haven't posted about prior to the most recent one. I can't think of a better way to jump back into a few weeks off of blogging than to do some card show posts. Who doesn't love a card show post?

So, this one was in South Haven a few months back. South Haven is a little tourist beach town on the coast of Lake Michigan, and they somehow manage three or four card shows a year. They're small shows, but the dealers are all super nice and I always find great stuff.

Some sweet dime box finds:

Sweet Lou, that is.

More from the dime boxes. I snagged a bunch of Archives from the '90s, and here are a few of my favorites. Yogi and Duke earn honorary awesome-status and get to hang with the Tigers.

I also found these reprints in the dime boxes. I have a lot of trouble turning down interesting reprints for a dime.

Some sweet Pudge cards. I'm getting close to a binder page full of 1991 Topps Traded Pudge doubles. I just can't not pick these up for a dime.

And a few Ripkens I needed.

These were just random cards I liked. I love these framed Gypsy Queen cards. Intrigue caught me with the Griffey; I didn't recognize the make of it. Mother's Cookies? And this is my first 1993 Finest card. When I was a kid, I dreamed about being able to afford a pack of '93 Finest.

Last up were some of the more impressive rookies I found in the dime boxes. Believe it or not, this is not the first time I've found a Halladay rookie in a dime box. I'd been trying to find a Oswalt rookie for a good deal for a long time, but I didn't expect to get it for a dime. It's pretty unlikely I'd pick up a Shawn Green rookie, even if it was a dime, unless it's a 1992 Topps gold parallel. In my head I still imagine these as super rare, exotic cards. I remember sending away 347 wrappers for three gold cards when I was a kid.

And finally, one more rookie:

This may be the best thing I ever found in the dime boxes. A for-realsie Topps Derek Jeter rookie. The bottom isn't cut off. It was just my scanner. But you can see why this was in a dime box. There's some paper loss at the bottom. Still, what a deal, right? I can't help liking Jeter, since he's from Kalamazoo, and he's just a fun player to watch.

I actually got into an argument with a colleague of mine at the bar during the playoffs. She heard me saying I respected Jeter, and she had a little blow up. I hadn't heard this, but apparently Jeter gives the girls he sleeps with gift baskets on their way out in the morning that include signed baseballs and, I don't know, Yankee-brand bubble baths. She pointed out how insulting that is. But, hell, that's better than most of the world gets (both men and women) after a one night stand. My wife and I agree--you could do worse than getting a signed Jeter baseball after sleeping with a celebrity.

This wraps up my dime box card show post. I have one more post to do from this show, and then I'll get to the others...eventually.


  1. Great finds! I'd take that Jeter all day long for a dime.

    Love those reprints you found as well, I also have a tough time turning those down for a dime a piece.

  2. Very cool pick ups across the board. Need to find me a dime box of this quality.

  3. Great cards. I love the variety a collector can find in a good dime box.

  4. I definitely love that Pudge "Classic Best" card. Yes I do!

  5. Nice. I'd take any reprints for a dime all day.

  6. Cool! I just found a Jeter 'Classic' RC, a 93 Score RC and a Fleer Avant Jeter with a BV of $20 in an 8/$1 box on Saturday!

    I should really post about that box, but I'm busy with my giveaway. maybe next week!