Monday, December 24, 2012

Early Cootmas: Discount Heritage Blaster

The wife and I already had our Christmas, before we headed up north to see the rest of the family. She gifted me a blaster of 2012 Topps Heritage, which actually means I found a discounted blaster I wanted at Target, wrapped it, and then put her name on it. Happy Cootmas to me.

As far as book value goes, this was the big score of the box. I guess these are somewhat rare. I could really care less about the BV, though, of course. This is a really cool card. I'm a Kennedy fan, watch any documentary I can find on the Kennedy family, yet I don't think I recall seeing a photo of him from his college days looking this young.

Next up, a foursome of rookies. Pretty cool that Lawrie scores both the rookie trophy and the logo.

A gaggle of floating heads. Or perhaps the proper term for a bunch of floating heads is a herd, a flock, a murder, a decapa-party?

I snagged a few nice inserts. I especially dig the Koufax, though I'm pretty sure it will end up in a trade package eventually, with all the Dodgers traders out there.

And here are the short prints. You could certainly do worse than this for a group of SPs, as far as players go.

Overall, it was a fun box to open, besides the fact that there wasn't a single Tiger in here. Before this, I'd only opened one pack of this year's heritage, and I have to say I dig the design. I'd only buy it at discount, and I wouldn't collect the set, but it was fun. This made for a good start to a Vealtones Cootmas.


  1. Nice pull on the JFK card! You're right, I don't think I'd ever seen a photo of him from his college days before.

  2. I believe the correct term is a "nightmare" of heads.