Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Card Show-off: Epic Vintage Bargains

Along with all the great stuff I got out of the dime boxes from the South Haven show, I also picked up a few vintage gems.

I love catchers, vintage Tigers, and 1956 Topps. What a perfect combo. Toss in a play at the plate in the background, and the fact that this cost me a buck, and what can be better?

Well, maybe this:

An iconic rookie card I didn't think I'd ever own when I was a kid. This is the mini version, and it's in pretty great shape, aside from a creased corner and a little damage on the others. I bet you couldn't guess what I paid for this. One dealer had a box full of great vintage cards marked half off. I lumped this into a deal for about seventy cards I pulled from his dime box. I ended up paying $6 for this. What a steal, right? I'm so happy to add this to my rookie collection, and it makes me love it even more with the crazy deal I got.


  1. Nice pickups! That Brett sure was an "epic" find.

  2. Well as someone trying to collect the entire '75 mini set that's certainly good news for me!

    Of course now I'll probably turn down every Brett mini I see until I can get one for 6 bucks.