Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brad's Blog Rocks the Trade

Many of you are well aware of great blog aptly titled Brad's Blog: it's a blog and his name is Brad! Make your way over there for some great posts about Phillies and a pretty damn slick collection of Mantle vintage.

Brad and I got a trade going a couple months ago. I had a bunch of Phillies hits and vintage and inserts I needed to find a good home for, and Brad became that home. What I didn't expect was the awesome generosity he'd show me.

He sent me this glorious Al Kaline auto. I have a couple of his autos, but this one is now my new favorite. It's a great picture and a design completely made for autos. This card is totally my jam. This trade is my jam. Brad is the bomb for sending this. OK, my '90s exclamations of joy are not doing this amazing trade justice. Let's get back to the cards.

Here are some extras for my player collections. Love the Chrome Heritage, and Pudges in gear are always cool.

He also sent along some sweet Fielder senior cards.

Speaking of '90s Tigers, it's Sweet Lou Whitaker, encased in gold. I love finding Whitaker cards I don't have, and this one is a lot of fun. 

Here's the back of this card. It's a Sweet Lou smorgasbord collage: batting, fielding, and looking confused in the background--the many faces of Lou.

Just to show you what an awesome trader Brad is, these were some of the extras he never mentioned. I mean, the guy just tossed in a Bryce Harper kind-of-rookie for fun. I love it, as well as the International parallel of some Tiger I'd never heard of.

To wrap this trade up...

Here's a beauty of a card. Blue refractors are always nice, but when they feature Mr. Verlander, well, hell, that's a near-perfect card. 

Thanks, Brad, for the amazing trade. I'll be looking for Phillies cards for you. For the rest of you, be sure to head over to Brad's Blog for some great reading and maybe a some great trading.

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  1. Thanks for the post, glad you enjoyed. I will keep an eye out for Tigers as well. Need to replenish some trade bait. I plan on cracking a case of chrome this year so that should help!