Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Trammell Collection Additions: Where's the Lou(ve)?

I've been running into some sweet Trammells lately. I dig Alan, but I've always been a bit more of a Lou fan, as far as legendary '80s/'90s Tigers go. All the same, I'm never disappointed to snag a cool Trammell, and you don't get much cooler than this:

The pictures on these Panini cards are quite goofy, but I enjoy the overall design that reminds me a bit of a basketball court. And how can you not love the relic/auto duo? This card came in a trade from Daily Dimwit.

Here's the back, and as you can see it's numbered 1 out of 10. Hey, it's one of those eBay 1 of 1s! There is something neat about the first card in the series.

The ever-wise and generous Dimwit also sent this auto of Bryan Holaday. Bryan's on the AAA team for the Tigers now, and I don't see much more than a backup catcher position in his future, but a catcher card always has a place in my collection.

What I like best about this card is the write-up on the back: "Bryan was in charge of 'disciplining' teammates who showed up late or didn't hustle. He led the crafting of the 'Ten Commandments of TCU Baseball' and sentenced violators. Among the punishments Holaday levied: cleaning the locker rooms and reading books on road trips." I kind of love how much of a douche bag he sounds like.

But what the hell is Bryan doing in this post? This post is about Mr. Trammell on cardboard.

This SP Legendary Cuts set, despite is dreary grayness, is fantastic for including tons of less represented fan favorite players. I have the Lou card from this set. While I'm not a huge fan of this design--though absolutely a fan of the player selection--they did the bat chunk well. It's big, well-featured, and this one has some cool black stains in the upper right corner. Probably burns from the saw that hacked it up, but it's still neat.

This card and the last one came from eBay, and I paid a bit under $3 shipped per card. This one has a bit snazzier of a design than the last. Donruss had a better idea of how to do drab colors in a classy way.

This Trammell rookie is not new at all. It came from Night Owl in a trade over a year ago, but I had to show it, as its inclusion earns me super-cool-happy-awesome-fun-time trifecta bonus points.

So, some cool Trammells, but all these Trammells I've been finding leads me to a quandary: Where are all the cool Lou Whitaker cards? As I said, Lou was more my guy from this duo, but there seem to be 5 cards produced of Tram for every 1 of Lou. Lou outranks Tramm in almost every batting category besides stolen bases and batting average, but really all of their stats are so damn close. They were such an amazing pair to watch growing up as a kid. So where are my Lou Whitaker cards? Any guesses on why Tramm gets all the love?

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  1. Loved watching those two play together growing up. In fact, I just added their 1978 Topps Burger King cards to my collection.