Tuesday, April 2, 2013

JV Earning His Stacks of Cash with a First

The Tigers won their opening day game, and Justin Verlander had a first. Of all his accomplishments, he had never won an opening day start. Well, yesterday changed that when he pitched a beauty. Only 5 innings, but no earned runs and 7 Ks. He's already earning his new ridiculous contract, and if anyone deserves such an absurd amount of money, it's my guy.

Hey, cheer up, JV. Things are going great for you.

This is one of my most recent acquisitions for the Verlander player collection, scored off of eBay for under $3. I love the design of this card, the background sky, JV's stoic, contemplative countenance, all the fancy junk swarming the blah-gray jersey swatch. Great card.

Justin had a first yesterday, and so did we. Evy Jo and I watched our first real baseball game together, took a nap through a few of those middle innings. Babies should come with a warning: when held to chest, may cause drowsiness.

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  1. Nice Verlander. 2009 Goodwin Champions is an amazing product.