Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trade Trifecta: The Plain Gray, the Fantastic, and the Napkin

Trading is one of the best parts of being a blogger, and I'm way behind (as always) in showing off my trade goodies. If you trade with me, man, I will put my all into sending you great stuff, but know that I'll take twenty-two and a half years to post about it.

So, speaking of a trader who deserves thanks, I traded with Roy at Plain Gray Swatch, back when he was still getting his blogging legs. Hell, now he's a veteran. I sent Roy some stuff off my trade bait, and here's what I got in return:

A very shiny, very smiley Miggy Cabby Icons jersey. This one's a plain white swatch. What gives? I expected plain gray.

Even plainer white is this Pudge Masterpieces GU. I'm such a sucker for framed cards, and I love this one, despite the humdrum headshot. This card is classy, as is everything Masterpieces did. Now, I owe Roy extra thanks for parting with this beauty, as he's a Pudge fan himself. That's blogger generosity for you.

Here come the extras, and what fine extras. I especially love the Archives Ripken. I'm getting closer to finishing that Ultra Iron Man insert set. Sweet trades are made at Plain Gray Swatch, as well as some great writing. Be sure to check them out. And, Roy, I have a stack of cool Jays I've been holding for you when you're ready to trade again.

Next up, Fantastic Catch answered my plea for an Inge GU. I still need an Inge auto, if anyone has one.

But now I have some Inge jersey goodness. This is a great looking card.

Here are some of the sweet extras sent to finish off this trade with Fantastic Catch. Love the Kaline.

To finish off this trade trifecta, I have cards to show from everyone's favortie Napkin: Mr. Doon. We've had a few trades before, and he always sends great stuff. He's also one of my favorite blog writers--a well-yielded sense of humor goes a long ways.

Nap posted this card on his blog, and I had to have it. I love all Cabrera cards, whether in Marlins gear or the correct uniform.

Nap tossed in some shiny Cabrera extras. I wondered if I'd ever snag one of those Spring Fever cards, and I hardly even had to wait, thanks to everyone's favorite Doon, Mr. Napkin. With this grouping of shiny Cabreras, this post has reached its cyclical end.

Thanks to all these great bloggers for their trading generosity. And if any of you out there want to get a trade going, just send me a message.


  1. I was a veteran before you came around, my friend. I just disappeared from August 2009-August 2012. But I can forgive.

    I have lost Tigres in a GQ group break. I think we may have some legs for a new trade.

    1. Err...

      "I had los Tigres.."

      Ugh. Out of practice.

  2. As always thanks for the trade! It's always a pleasure dealing with you!