Thursday, May 2, 2013

Acquiring Iconic Rookies: Getting Awkward with Clay

In this installment of Iconic Rookies, I might be jumping the gun a bit. Is this card or Clay's career old and established enough to be iconic? 

I'm going to argue yes. Clay is certainly making a case for iconic status with the crazy-good season he's having this year. This is his first Bowman rookie card, and in the tradition of first Bowman cards, this one is pretty awkward. Clay looks gangly and spindly, wearing a jersey a few sizes too large, a jersey he probably put on just for picture day. At least we can be grateful he's not wearing a tropical button-up and white khaki shorts on his Bowman rookie card. 

As awkward as this card is, if you're a rookie collector, this is Clay's true rookie, and, I think, one worth having in a rookie collection. I acquired this off of eBay a few months ago for less than a dollar shipped. I bet it's not going that cheap now, but I bet this card has made it into a dime box or two.


  1. I agree, dude is an absolute beast when he can maintain a healthy back. If he avoids injury I truly believe he could be your 2013 AL Cy Young Award winner. 6-0 with 1.01 ERA in 6 starts...insane. I stocked up on some Clay cards in the off-season, including a couple of autos, and I'm glad I did...

  2. What an ugly dude.

    I cannot stand the sight of the sleezeball.