Saturday, May 11, 2013

Card Show-off: Dime Box Attacks!

Time to finish up showing off my goods from the card show. Today, we'll rehash my favorite part of the card show: the dime boxes.

OK, I only wish these were dime box finds. These came out of a 6/$5 box. Each of these are numbered. The 2004 Throwback Threads card is as cool as it gets for a Tigers collector. Pudge, Trammell, and Mr. Tiger all on one card. Yes, please. And some sweet Verlander parallels, copper Topps and light blue Heroes. I might just have to go after a Heroes rainbow or two one of these days.

Now we're back to talking dime boxes. I snagged a gaggle of these cards from the 1983 Kaline story set. I didn't even know about this set, but now that I do, damn, gonna have to finish this sucker. These cards are fantastic.

Here are some more glories from this set. I love the cameos, including the whole 1974 all-star team. And that top right card is a masterpiece. We have to have a closer look:


More goodies for my various player collections. Just when I think I have all the Pudge rookie cards from his 1991 I find another. And up top, there's Cobb being a douche.

Along with all the cards above, I snagged one of these Mars Attacks cards from the same dealer's table. Just one. He noticed, and offered me all of them he had as an add-on to the already great deal he'd given me. These are a few of my favorites. Who of us cardboard connoisseurs don't appreciate the history of Mars Attacks? Some of us more than others, of course.

To wrap this up, some randomy randomness. Refractors, gold, and the Finest I could never afford when I was a kid. 

Not a bad dime box haul. At most shows, I usually end up with a lot more randomness and much less for my actual player collections. I managed to stay on track this time and get stuff I actually needed. Well, the word "need" is always relative to a cardboard addict.


  1. "Masterpiece" is right. That is an amazing photograph.

  2. Those Kaline cards are awesome! I'd never heard of that set before, either.

  3. I second Crawford - Masterpiece is the word for that card.

  4. Great find with the Kaline set! Never heard of it either.

  5. None of us heard of that set, but I like those myself. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them.

    I gotta get me a "Cobb is a douche!" card!