Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Would You Say I Have a Plethora of Trades?

It's time to recap a plethora of awesome trades I recently completed. (Hefe, what is a plethora?)

I think it was around last Christmas that 2 by 3 Heroes was giving away some cards PWE style. I picked a pair, and they promptly arrived.

Two awesome cards: a numbered Topps Heritage Cabrera and a framed card of an epic catcher. Well, you just can't do much better than that for a PWE delivery, especially when the cards came completely free.

So, months later, I finally got the chance to send some cards back in an official trade. However, despite all the White Sox I could send his way, I think the man who always has the best music videos linked at the bottom of his posts still outdid me. 

This was the card that initiated the trade. Jeff was worried I wouldn't be interested because of the crease, but that doesn't scare me. I love all Cabrera jersey swatches regardless of battle scars. In fact, I think these kind of creases are very common from Heritage GU cards, which is unfortunate, if you were buying a box and this was your one hit, anyway.

Jeff also added in some great Pudges. Ivan in gear is only bested by Ivan as a floating head.

And to wrap up the trade, a few Tigers autos from Jeff's LCS' bargain box. Dig it. Great looking cards even if Tony Giarratano never panned out (anyone know what happened to him?) and Clete Thomas is now with the Twins, where he happens to be tearing it up in AAA. I knew he had too cool of a baseball name to quietly fade away from the game.

Thanks, Jeff, for a great trade, for a great blog, and for all the great You Tube videos. A while ago you sent me on an Oingo Boingo rampage.

Next up, I completed my first trade with a blog I've long admired: Foul Bunt. I think we're all aware of William's fantastic autograph collection, great writing, and generosity.

William sent me a Pudge the second Ginter GU I needed, and he tossed in a bunch of Pudge the first extras. These were a few of my favorites that I didn't have yet. The Vealtones love Pudges of all generations. 

Speaking of Pudge, of Dr. Fisk to be exact, Oscar over at All Trade Bait, All The Time had some cards to fill this collecting need.

Those are some beautiful Pudges. Best of all is the 1973 Topps card, Fisk's second-year card, his rookie cup card, and his first solo piece of cardboard. Oscar knew I would love this one, and he was right. This is one of my favorite Pudge cards now. 

But what would a trade be without Pudge Jr.? He was feeling left out until Oscar tossed in some sweet extras.

I think the Ripken Clippings card was what started this trade, and he came with a few friends. I'm slowly creeping toward that Ultra Iron Man set. Got anything to contribute?

Last up, some random awesomeness. I always enjoy some colored 2008 Heroes. Here we have fecal brown. Then some great minis and my first card from the 1961 Fleer set. 

I loved all of these cards, from Oscar and from everyone. Thanks for the slew of awesome trades, fellas. I look forward to our next bubble mailer exchanges. 

Now, in honor of 2 by 3 Heroes and the title of this post:

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