Sunday, May 19, 2013

Acquiring Iconic Rookies: Second Best, eh!

Today's iconic rookie could be considered underrated or overrated, depending on what stats you're looking at. But, overall, he's a pretty consistent starter.

Here's Dempster's first Bowman card from 1996, which I consider his true rookie card. Why is it iconic? Because of Dempster's consistency, because he has a nice change-up, and, of course, he has the second most wins of any pitcher from Canada, eh, just after Fergie.

This is a much less embarassing '90s Bowman rookie card than many. I actually appreciate the composition, the way the shadows fall. Dempster looks dark and mysterious.

I snagged this card off eBay for less than a dollar shipped. Quite a steal for the rookie card of a player who likely won't have a Hall of Fame career, but has been a fan favorite and a national favorite for many years.


  1. Buchholz and now Dempster...I'm starting to think you're a closet Red Sox fan!

  2. Demp has been my favorite Cubs player for several years. He's an all around quality guy both on and off the field. Speaking of off the field, check out his Harry Caray impressions on Youtube. One more thing, about that card, I think he has a Happy Days, Ralph Malph look about him. Does anyone still remember Happy Days?

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