Friday, November 22, 2013

Vintage Pulls Me Back In: Can You Spare a '52 Kell?

I've been away from the blog for nearly a month and a half. I've never been a super frequent blogger, but slow and steady. This is the longest hiatus I've taken.

The Tigers blew it. I got sad. Leyland left. I felt complicated. We won some awards. I got happy again. But the blogging void has more to do with new-baby-bliss and being very busy with my new teaching job.

Anyway, I'm not saying I'm back to regular, but here's something that also makes me excited to talk about cards: vintage.

This 1951 Bowman gets me one card closer to my vintage Bowman Tigers team sets. A great looking card that came PWE-style from 2 by 3 Heroes. Hey, anyone got a 1952 Bowman George Kell? If so, I got an arm and a leg for you.

I have the least amount of cards from this Bowman set, which I'm not a huge fan of. Hey, oversized pictures! Whew. Meh. I prefer undersized art cards for my vintage. But, this is a Tigers card, Ned Garver, so of course I needed it. This one came in a trade from The Lost Collector.

Oh, and this one was the most exciting of all. My doppelganger trade partner Dennis at Too Many Verlanders sent this beauty. And with this card, I'm now just one card away from finishing my Tigers team set of 1952 Bowman--my favorite vintage set!! So, what's the one card I need? Remember that arm and leg? That's right. Need me a '52 Kell.

Thanks for the great trades, fellas. Hope to chat with you again soon, blogger boys and gals.