Monday, July 10, 2017

Very Infrequent Trade Bait Post

I've been busy, as we all are, and sadly the Vealtones have taken a nosebleed seat to life and work. I have two daughters now, a professor gig in South Carolina, and my first book just came out last year, and I've been touring with the book. The book has nothing to do with baseball, but if you like stories about blue-collar folks doing interesting jobs, you can find more about my book at my author website:

But you didn't stop by for literary nonsense. You clicked for the cards, so here's a bunch of stuff I have for trade. There is plenty more on my trade bait pages, linked at the top. As usual, I'm looking for Tigers autos and GUs and other neat stuff, especially of the old timers. I player collect Fisk, Bench, I-Rod, and Ripken. I also dig art card sets, especially what Diamond Kings have been doing lately. If you see anything you like, leave a comment or send me an email: dustinhoff86 (at)

Onward with the goods:

Thanks for stopping by! I miss you guys and gals.