Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dime Box: The Random, the Greatest Pull, and the Trade Bait

If you read my last post, you know that I was lamenting a lack of dime boxes at the recent lemon of a card show I attended. Since I didn't have any dime box gems to show, I thought I'd show some dime box pick-ups from card show past.

Who can resist a flashy x-fractor for a dime? I believe this is numbered to 50 or 57 or something surprisingly low. I didn't realize until I looked that Tomko is still pitching, with the Rangers this year.

I love the looks of these framed Diamond Kings parallels. This one isn't numbered, but is still all nice and chunky and classy, and it's Juan Marichal for a dime. Oddly, I've been seeing a ton of the framed parallels from this set in dime boxes in the last few months. Nine years later, no one cares about these, I guess, but I love the look of them.

I found a few of these and snagged up all of them. Daisuke may not be living up to those first two seasons, but I think he'll find his way back. This is a parallel from his rookie year: 2007 Ginter Perez Sketche Cards. Pretty great looking set that often seems to find its way into dime boxes.

Some chromage from 2003 Topps Heritage. This is numbered to 1954. Everybody loves Topps Heritage, and I can't turn down a numbered Heritage card of a decent player. Hell, I can't turn down any numbered card for a dime.
Here's almost a David "Cookie Monster" Ortiz rookie, but not officially. There were a bunch of these, but I stupidly only grabbed one, so I better hold onto this one since it's pretty unlikely I'll snag a 1997 David Arias on my budget. This was a pretty great find, but not as great as this one:

I still can't believe I found this card. I almost felt guilty buying this card for a dime. This came from a mostly vintage dealer, and I have to guess he hadn't gone through his more recent dime boxes in quite a while. Should I feel guilty? 2003 Topps Pristine Cano RC for a dime! This may be the best dime box pull I've ever scrounged up. This card and the Ortiz will stay in the collection, but everything else is up for trade.

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  1. Sweet find with the Cano! And look how "small" Ortiz looks there. Interesting.