Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trade with Scott Crawford

Ah, the semester is done, the grades are in, the dishes are done, man. So now it's time for a quick trade post. Scott over at Scott Crawford on Cards sent me a nice slew of cards for my player collections. First off, here's some mini Ripkens:
Minis from the '80s. Ripken is deep in thought on the left, speculating on mini Ripken on the right and his nice mini swing.
Here's my favorite card of the trade, a 2008 Goudey Ripken. That hand on the hip and look on his face says, "Oh no you didn't" to whatever Derek Jeter has to say.

Another Goudey of Verlander. Goudey's last year was the weakest for me. They went simple, or maybe just lazy, with the background, and the design just didn't sing like the other years. Anyway, great Verlanders nonetheless. Scott sent both 2011 60 Years of Topps Verlander cards, original back and regular.
To wrap things up, here's a great looking I-Rod card. He's telling his mitt secrets. Scott sent more Cabreras, and more cards all together, but these were some highlights. Thanks, Scott, for the great cards.

Stay tuned, as soon I'll be posting about a very special package I just got in the mail, perhaps the new most prized card in my collection.

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